SPECIAL GUEST! Chloe Juliette from World Famous Pollsters Ipsos MORI

Elt & Jonno are delighted (10/10 on the excitement scale no less!) to be joined by Chloe Juliette from Ipsos MORI. Chloe is a Social researcher specialising in public and stakeholder engagement, with a passion for inclusive and asset-based practices. Chloe is an avid “UK Consult” fan and talks through her deliberative engagement work at Ipsos MORI. Thank you for joining us for a great discussion Chloe!

Towards Innovation in Online Public Deliberation

How do you harness the unique capacities of the online world for deliberation and dialogue? A recent report from Ipsos MORI shared findings from an expert workshop they conducted with Engage Britain. Jonno & Elt were keen to find out more about the findings from Chloe. You can read and download the report here.

Chloe reflects on an exciting project back in June, drawing together a broad range of people representing a wide range of sectors, using Miro in workshops around deliberative online engagement.

A real stand out was the human-centred design element as opposed to tech focus in the discussions. Participant-led discussion was a really valuable outcome from the workshops, and the exciting sense of the sheer scale that online engagement presents us with.

Peer-led deliberation was also an important emergent theme throughout.

Jonno highlights the fears many people have about speaking up in face to face meetings, and the inherent benefits those people can have in the online environment to have their say, and be heard! Click on the links below and learn more!

PUBLIC SPEAKING ANXIETY AND FEAR OF BRAIN FREEZES (nationalsocialanxietycenter.com/2017/02/2…-freezes/)

Can Britain face its fears? 1 in 3 employees would reject their dream job if it meant facing biggest fear | Jobsite Worklife (www.jobsite.co.uk/worklife/can-bri…gest-fear-24514/)

Glossophobia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossophobia)

Chloe highlights that AI is becoming more plausible as a tool and will become available quicker than we think!

Meldrew Moments

Chloe is grumpy about the continued emphasis on loss rather than what can be gained so positively from online engagement. She’s also mandated the British public to STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER! 🙂

Jonno is really disappointed about gadget based Christmas gifts he’s seen advertised and equally downbeat about coffee combined with vitamins in one jar. Whatever next?

Elt is really grumpy about the ever-diminishing size of crisps, now having to eat multiple bags in one sitting to compensate.

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